Shop4D Scholarships to VISION 2023!

Shop4D is investing in Technicians in the Shop4D Family! We’re sending two established Technicians and two aspiring Technicians on full-ride scholarships to VISION 2023 in Kansas City, including class registration, hotel, and plane tickets! Plus, we are flying four additional Technicians there to join us!

To be eligible, all applicants must complete the survey below.

The established technicians we select will have at least:

  • 3 ASE certifications
  • Four years of experience as a technician
  • Two years at their current job

The aspiring technicians we select will:

  • Have recently completed (last 12 months) tech school education OR currently employees as an apprentice or lube technician
  • Aspire to a career as a full technician

Applications must be completed on or before February 3, 2023 to be eligible. All eligible and qualified applicants will receive a gift from Shop4D in gratitude for your time to complete the survey. Winners will be announced on or before February 8, 2023.

Four (4) Scholarship Winners will receive training packages for the VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo in Kansas City, MO, the weekend of March 3-5, 2023, airfare, hotel accommodations, and Shop4D apparel to wear during the event. If you are already registered for this training, and are selected, Shop4D will reimburse you for your tuition.

Additionally, Four (4) additional Technicians will be chosen to receive airfare to the 2023 VISION Hi-Tech & Training Expo in Kansas City, MO.

Shop4D VISION 2023 Scholarship Application

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Tell us why you chose to become a technician and how you hope to grow.
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