In 2008, that mission became the RPM ToolKit™

— the industry’s gold standard for measurement and benchmarks that fix and grow sales and profits. No other measurement or management system helps shops identify and fix bottlenecks as quickly or effectively as RPM ToolKit. But RPM ToolKit is a standalone tool, perfect for owners who want a DIY management tool. For busy owners who want those systems, processes, and benefits built directly into their shop management system, Terry and David realized that they needed to build a tool that nobody else had.

Which is why, in 1999, Terry and David founded Auto Profit Masters…

…with the goal of helping other shop owners run their shops successfully, profitability, and sustainably, without having to struggle through the 25 painful years of learning and growing that Terry lived and breathed. For more than 20 years, Auto Profit Masters has helped coaching and consulting clients grow their shops by millions of dollars per year, and grow their operations by multiple locations. But Terry and David wanted to help as many owners as possible, so they began to turn their hard-won knowledge of how to measure, manage, and operate successful repair shops into systems and processes that every shop could follow.

In 1997, Terry hired David Rogers (President of Shop4D) as a service advisor.

With a background in building successful teams and marketing, David was a compliment to Terry’s numbers analysis. Together, they grew Keller Bros. from $1.5mm to $3.5mm in annual sales in just two years, and in 1999, Keller Bros. won that year’s National Excellence Award. Keller Bros. had quickly grown to become the best repair shop in the nation. Terry and David had unlocked the secrets to running a successful, profitable, sustainable, ethical repair shop, but it took a lot of hard years, lost money, and pain to earn that knowledge.

For Terry Keller (CEO of Shop4D), the story starts in 1974

That’s when he returned from active duty and made an offer to purchase the repair shop where he had been working as a technician. As one of the country’s first ASE-Certified Master Technicians, Terry was a talented technician and became an expert at shop measurement, but struggled to build the team and the customer base that his shop needed to be truly successful.