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Multi-Location Operations

The average shop that switches to Shop4D bills an average of two more hours per tech per day because of the procedures and efficiencies built directly into Shop4D. Multiplied across each location and each technician, the benefits to the entire multi-location operation are clear.

But Shop4D doesn’t only improve the efficiency of technicians, and the benefits aren’t limited to an increase in billed hours.

Less Staff Required

Shop4D helps multi-shop operations reduce overhead by enabling the shop to service more vehicles with the same or fewer staff. This allows you to reduce overhead at your existing locations or scale to new locations with existing staff.

Seamless Employee and Repair Order Handoffs

Multi-location operations need to be able to leverage their economy of scale, which is why Shop4D makes it seamless to transfer customers and employees to any location in a click. Advisors and technicians can lookup customer details history across all locations, and even manage work at all locations from a single login.

Multi-Location Inventory Management

If your location across town has a part you need that the vendor can’t deliver for days, your advisors need to know about it immediately. That’s why Shop4D allows advisors to simultaneously search vendors and inventory across all locations with a single click. If another shop has the needed part, advisors can initiate the transfer with a click, with full tracking and accountability required by the accounting department.

QuickBooks and Accounting for Multiple Location Shops

Managing payroll, accounts payable and receivable, reconciliation, and more across multiple locations shouldn’t require an army of clerks, bookkeepers, and accountants. Which is why Shop4D includes built-in tools to help multi-shop operations manage their books in the way the accounting department needs. Map your chart of accounts the way you need; quickly and easily reconcile inventory, cash, checks, credit cards, payables, and receivables; and get tools you need to manage your payroll in less time with Shop4D.

Multi-Shop Reporting and Analysis

In multi-location operations, it’s critical that the ownership team be able to quickly and effectively analyze critical benchmarks so that the entire operation can be managed in minutes per day. Rather than gather and analyze dozens of numbers so that location managers can be held accountable, Shop4D makes it easy to find which critical metrics are below target, the impact of missing that target, and the solution for fixing the problem.

Owners have the ability to view critical reports by location or as a composite across all locations, so that ownership can identify underperforming employees or locations and take action instantly each morning.

One thing I really like about Shop4D is that when on vacation out of state, my employees needed me to do something for them. I was able to enter Shop4D from my cell phone and take care what my staff needed very quickly, and without interrupting my vacation.

Kenny Walters | Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts

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