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Shop4D is a repair shop software specifically designed to make service advisors more efficient so they can spend less time doing busy work and more time on the tasks that make the company more money.

Parts Sourcing

Shop4D integrates parts sourcing into the inspection, write-up, and advising processes, meaning that by the time a repair order is sent to the advisor, the estimate can be completed in minutes, and the parts ordered in a single click.

Efficiency Everywhere

Service Advisors can pre-sell preventive maintenance during check-in without missing a beat using smart job recommendations, search history, TSBs, and recommended maintenance in a single click. Innovative solutions like integrated parts sourcing and canned jobs mean cutting time and busy work from every phase of check-in and advising.

Integrated Payments

Accept payments from your front counter or even invite your customer to pay from their cell phone so they can arrange after-hours vehicle pickup. We’ve partnered with a worldwide leader in security and service to give you the flexibility to run your shop the way that works best for you.

Customer Communication

Shop4D uses built-in customer texting and emailing, digital repair orders, and integrated payment processing to allow for instant customer communication, one-click customer approvals, and faster authorizations and payments. Get notified instantly when customers text back, approve work and pay for their work from their phone or computer!

Touchless Everything

Long before COVID, repair shops using Shop4D have been touchless and paperless. Customers can sign and pay for their invoices from anywhere, and digital records are saved to give shops the flexibility to go paperless with the option to print paper copies on demand.

SEAMLESS Multishop Advising

With Shop4D, employees can effortlessly transfer between locations, allowing multi-location operations to share employees quickly and easily. Service advisors can build estimates from anywhere, allowing understaffed locations to continue to crank out work in any situation.

Shop4D has solved the disconnect between the front and back of the shop. We had struggled getting everyone on the same page. Now, by using Shop4D as designed, the techs control their labor and parts so it has empowered the techs and allows me more time at the counter for advising or other tasks. As I told the techs… it is as powerful as you make it.

Josh Wahlstrom | Farmington Service & Towing

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