5 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

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As a business owner, it’s important to recognize that your workers are the backbone of your company. Your success or failure depends on them. This is why it’s so important to find the best strategies to reduce employee turnover rates. In the U.S., the current turnover rate is about 18%, according to Zippia. In the … Read more

How to Improve Employee Productivity

It is estimated that there may be a shortage of automotive repair technicians in the coming decade. According to projections from the U.S. Department of Labor, the automotive industry needs to increase the number of new techs by 7% through 2024. While your business cannot make more people go into the field, there are steps … Read more

Building a Shop Culture of Success

By David Rogers Does it ever feel like you’re too busy and stretched too thin to focus on your operation?  It’s harder than ever to find and hire critical team members, so it’s no surprise that during busy summer months, many shop owners feel like they only way to stay on top of higher car … Read more

From Almost Quitting, to Experiencing Its Biggest Fourth Quarter in History, Farmington Service & Towing Keeps Building on Its Growth Through Auto Profit Masters

Last September, Joshua Wahlstrom, owner of Farmington Service & Towing in Farmington, Utah, wanted to quit. The shop had experienced a lot of comebacks, Wahlstrom was overworked, juggling many different hats in the shop, and he felt as deflated as a flat tire. He wasn’t ready to walk away yet, though. Instead, he reached out … Read more