Easy-to-Understand Repair Shop Metrics and Pinpoint Solutions

When we founded Auto Profit Masters in 1999, we had no idea that we would someday build repair shop software. We started as a coaching and consulting company, and were founded with the goal of helping our fellow shop owners run profitable, ethical operations.

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That goal led us to create the RPM ToolKit®, a bundle of laser-targeted tools, reports and solutions that let shop owners drill down into their shops performance so that small adjustments can be made each day to hit critical targets by the end of each month.

That same RPM ToolKit with the same laser-targeted measurement and solutions is at the heart of Shop4D. Only now it’s up-to-the-second, and it’s integrated right into the rest of Shop4D.

Why does this matter?

What you’ll notice across other shop management systems is that reporting tend to fall into one of two camps. Either it’s an afterthought, and so it doesn’t give the shop owner any way to take immediate action…or it’s the selling point, and allows shop owners to create an incredibly detailed and customized report on whatever they want.

But at Shop4D, we believe it’s critical to make small improvements each day, which means choosing to go a different direction. Shop owners need to know what’s costing them money, and how to act right now to stop the bleeding…and they need to avoid analysis paralysis that keeps them from fixing their shop.

This is especially true for multi-location shops, which is why Shop4D gives you powerful tools to see individual locations and composite reporting in the same place! Learn more about how Shop4D is built for multi-location shop owners.

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