Integrated Tools

At Shop4D®, we constantly keep an eye on the fact that we are our own customer. Our repair shop, Keller Bros Auto Repair, helped us build Shop4D and uses it every day.

Before we created and started using Shop4D, we were customers of another repair shop software company, and we never want to lose sight of why that made us want to make something better.

The reality before Shop4D was this: constantly switching between programs, tools, and systems to try to get work done. Each time that employee changed to a different program, there was a chance it logged another employee out. Information was constantly being copied and pasted and redone and transcribed.

The rest of the industry thinks this is okay! Software providers want to sell you the piece they built, and they leave it up to you how it works with all of the other pieces you bought to try to make a full-featured shop management system.


Shop4D integrates everything you need to run a shop successfully and makes it so that each piece talks to each other without having to log in or copy or paste. This includes…

  • Labor guides. Two, in fact: Motor and Mitchell
  • Aftermarket parts sourcing and ordering
  • OEM parts sourcing and ordering
  • Tire sourcing and ordering
  • Diagrams, specifications and repair procedures
  • Customer communication – email and text, both right inside the repair order as well as pulling marketing lists to send to
  • TSBs, recalls, and inspection and repair order history
  • Default and custom vehicle inspections
  • VIN barcode scanning and decoding
  • Carfax license plate to VIN
  • Credit card processing (through our partner Serve First Solutions)
  • Fleet management through Fleetio
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable including an invoice scan tool powered by artificial intelligence
  • Part return and core tracking and management
  • QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration
  • RPM ToolKit measurement and benchmarks for the shop and employees
  • Source reporting, customer base health, and other marketing measurement
  • Keytag and lube sticker printing
  • Touchless authorizations and payments
  • Shop chat (including multi-shop support)
  • Estimates, appointments, tech scheduling and more work pipeline tools
  • And more!

In other words, Shop4D isn’t just any old repair shop software – it’s the most complete and the first and only fully-integrated shop management system in the automotive industry!