Work Smarter, Not Harder

Techs have never had more information closer at hand for fixing vehicles. Service Advisors have never had more access to parts sourcing solutions. There have never been so many software applications or diagnostic tools or online forums literally at the fingertips of everyone in the shop.

Owners are spending more and more on these new subscriptions and technologies and specialized personnel. Why aren’t these solutions leading to more billed hours by technicians?

The problem is technology without process!

Turning a paper inspection into a digital inspection doesn’t change anything by itself. The technician must first do a thorough inspection, and then complete a full write up those jobs so that the service advisor clearly understands how to build the estimate and advise the customer. A digital inspection doesn’t fix any of those processes.

In Shop4D, technology and process are always combined.

By the time the technician completes the inspection, the write-up is already mostly complete. Seamlessly integrated labor guides from both Motor and Mitchell make it easy to estimate the work. AI-powered parts recommendations – integrated directly with parts sourcing and ordering – mean the tech can dictate exactly what he or she needs to do the job right the first time. The advisor can search for that exact part across all vendors in a single click, and go from estimating to advising in minutes.

This means dramatically improved efficiency throughout the entire production pipeline. And the end result is that technicians on Shop4D on average bill a half an hour more per car just by using the program.

Shop4D can help your shop, too.

It doesn’t matter how comfortable you are with technology, because Shop4D builds the process directly into the program. Watch how this 70-year-old owner has used Shop4D to grow his shop to a place he never imagined it could go.

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