4 Tips to Automotive Industry Employee Retention

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of automotive techs needs to increase by at least 7% in the next few years in order to keep up with demand. A primary problem that automotive shops have is retaining the technicians that they already have. As more and more people continue to leave their jobs, the automotive industry is beginning to feel the crunch. These tips will help every shop retain its employees, ensuring that they have the technicians that they need as the industry continues to boom.

Offer Paid Time Off

Employees no longer have the option of working until evening hours, and most employees no longer want to. As family values continue to change, so do how many hours employees are willing to be on the clock. Make sure that your automotive shop management system is equipped to handle employees requesting time off to make it easier for them to take time for their families. Employees should be offered a certain level of paid time off.

An Easy to Use Automotive Shop Management System

When working with employees, it’s important to keep track of who needs specific days off. You need to know what employees are working on specific projects or cars at any given time. Being organized is key to running a successful, peaceful automotive shop with an atmosphere that employees will enjoy. Having an automotive shop management system that works well for both employers and employees is key to that.

Encourage Communication

We have all heard the saying that employees don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses. Encouraging employees to communicate with bosses regarding policies that they disagree with or to solve conflict will make employees less likely to quit.

Provide a Supportive Atmosphere

Employees that don’t want to go to work often don’t enjoy their work atmosphere. Make sure to greet employees, get to know one another, and truly enjoy working with one another. This can create a positive atmosphere that employees will enjoy working in. Automotive technicians that are experiencing physical illness, mental illness, or family problems will find it difficult to remain in a shop that has a toxic atmosphere.

While finding new employees is always important, it’s of greater importance to keep the employees that you have. Using these four tips will instantly increase your employee retention rate.