Shop4D invests in technicians to develop careers and further the industry Littleton, Colo. – March 10, 2023 – Eight auto repair technicians received scholarships from Shop4D, a fully-integrated shop management system, to attend the VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo earlier this month. From a group of both established and aspiring technicians, scholarship winners were selected … Read more

Business Growth Opportunities

By David Rogers Make no mistake: you are in control. You can actively choose to make changes that grow your organization, reduce your stress, and increase opportunities for you and your employees. Or, you can choose inaction and carry over the same policies, procedures, and subscriptions that led to last year’s results. Although, there can … Read more

Out Thinking the Pack Mentality

By David Rogers Why Successful Shops Follow Their Own Path Is running with a pack the safest place to be as a shop owner? After all, things are about to get much harder. In a matter of weeks, the economic forecast has deteriorated from crossing fingers and hoping that a recession might not happen to … Read more

Despite Challenges, Independent Repair Shops Grow

Shop4D Top Performing Shops Collectively Increased Annual Sales By More than 40% Year-Over-Year. By Shop Owner Staff 2022 was a remarkable year for an exclusive group of independent auto repair shops who have been singled out from nearly 300,000 shops in the U.S. to earn the 2022 Shop4D Top Performing Shop Award. While facing workforce challenges, supply … Read more

How Do You Fix Cars When You Can’t Get Parts?

By David Rogers How do you fix cars when you can’t get parts? I wish this were just a philosophical question, the kind usually reserved for falling trees in the woods or a single hand clapping, but instead, it’s the reality that shop owners continue to face. When the supply chain is disrupted from manufacturing … Read more

What Is Causing Your Workers More Stress in The Workplace?

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The demands of work impact everyone differently. The pressure can motivate some, but paralyze others. Stress is not always a bad thing. A certain degree of anxiousness and pressure is part of any job. It can help stimulate job performance and keep workers alert as they work toward deadlines or prepare for presentations. But there … Read more

Results-driven marketing ignites excited customers at VISION to ask, ‘How soon can we upgrade?!

Stop struggling with failing systems, unreliable products and low-value customers. Talk about synergy! At the recent VISION Hi-Tech and Training Expo March 4-5, happy customers from the Shop4D® and Automated Marketing Group (AMG) family, shared their personal experiences and success stories. They shared the record-breaking transformations their businesses and teams experienced with average ticket order, … Read more

Everything to Know About Repair Shop Software

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Based on a research study by UMass scholars, workplace stress causes about 40% of voluntary turnovers. This is often the case in auto repair shops. There are so many necessary tasks that have nothing to do with fixing cars. This includes schedules, payroll, inventory, etc. It’s challenging to keep things running smoothly. Repair shop software … Read more