What Is Causing Your Workers More Stress in The Workplace?

The demands of work impact everyone differently. The pressure can motivate some, but paralyze others. Stress is not always a bad thing. A certain degree of anxiousness and pressure is part of any job. It can help stimulate job performance and keep workers alert as they work toward deadlines or prepare for presentations.

But there are times when stress can be too much at work. Sometimes it can leave workers feeling overwhelmed, insecure and worried. There are times when the time employees put in can become too difficult and it can leave them feeling unsatisfied in their job. That’s when stress can be unhealthy and interferes with performance.

It is important to recognize the common causes of workplace stress. Failure to properly recognize what is causing your workers to stress could lead to turnover in your business. Between 40 percent to 63 percent of employee turnover comes from the stress that workers feel, which translates to between 7 percent and 11 percent of workers leaving jobs annually. Here are a few things that might be causing your employees to stress in the workplace.


An employee’s workload is a common problem that leads to stress. Workers can be overwhelmed by too much and worried about their future with too little work. For example, repair shop software may cause workers to stress if they are unable to navigate it and use it efficiently. They are overwhelmed by having to learn a new technical skill and feel pressure. Or they may worry that repair shop software will give them less to do because it handles inventory tasks that they previously were responsible for mastering. Identify the correct balance of work for your employees to ensure they feel productive without feeling too much pressure.

Job Security

The fear of being laid off is another common stress producer for workers. If you are forced to lay off some employees at your business, this can leave others feeling worried about their future. Layoffs also can lead to additional work that employees are forced to do after staff reductions. The introduction of improved technology like repair shop software can help workers tackle the new duties they face.

Workplace stress can be addressed through clear communication and transparency. Make sure you understand the signs of worker stress and let your employees know you are sensitive to the pressures of the job. If you believe your business could benefit from repair shop software, contact us today. Take the stress away from your employees and yourself and invest in a new software management system.