Shop4D® is excited to announce that a MAJOR new feature is about to released: we’re ready to share our AI-DRIVEN INVOICE SCANNER that will change the way your shop handles invoices, returns, and cores!

  • NEVER worry about reconciling a stack of invoices again!
  • Catch EVERY core charge on parts!
  • Part return credits AUTOMATICALLY logged and applied!
  • EASILY reconcile invoices to repair orders!
  • Just ONE STEP to turn a stock order invoice into inventory!

The Shop4D® Invoice Scanner learns as you use it, meaning it gets smarter over time. That means that it’s FASTER and EASIER than entering invoices by hand, and works directly with QuickBooks.

That means you no longer need a bookkeeper to do data entry to keep your vendor invoices and credits straight. Your front desk staff can scan the invoice and log the bill or credit in seconds, cutting your bookkeeper out entirely.

If you do your own books, you KNOW what that means for your free time…and if you have a bookkeeper on staff, you can guess what that will mean for their productivity!

Excited? We are too!

Sign up for free and we’ll send you instructions and videos EARLY so you can be ready for launch.

PLUS, when you sign up to be notified, you’ll automatically be entered to win a NEW SCANNER your shop can use to take advantage of this new tool at launch!  We are giving away TWO of these scanners, so get entered today!

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