Vehicle Inspections tool for Auto Repair Shop


Shop4D is a repair shop software specifically designed to make technicians more efficient so they can spend less time doing busy work and more time on tasks that make the company more money, grow their paychecks, and create happier, more loyal customers.

Smarter Workflow

Shop4D developers worked side by side with all walks of technicians, from beginner, to experienced, to successful master techs to develop a workflow that eliminates extra steps and wasted time so they can focus on inspecting and repairing vehicles.

Integrated Labor Guides

Stop juggling programs to complete estimates! Shop4D includes two seamlessly integrated labor guides that techs can search simultaneously so they can add estimated work times and parts faster and finish writeups quicker.

Crystal Clear Communication

Dispatching, requesting parts for a repair, recovering cores for credits – all of this and more is part of the non-verbal, crystal-clear communication built into every subscription. Get the job done right, the first time with Shop4D.

Repair Guides and Vehicle Specifications

Techs using Shop4D have everything they need to diagnose a vehicle at their fingertips: searchable customer history and TSBs, service intervals, previously declined jobs, and even repair guides and vehicle specifications. No more jumping between programs or copying and pasting data – Shop4D makes it simple to find the specification, history, guide, or diagram you need to complete the inspection or write up one click away.

Customized For You

The Shop4D digital vehicle inspection is identical to the one we use in our highly successful repair shop. But you can customize the inspection to your unique needs, and quickly share the inspection with every location in your operation, and even measure performance by inspection type and location.

The digital inspection and estimation process has a ton of benefits for us. From the shop side, we are able to quickly train new techs since the program is easy to learn. After a few cars, the guys are able to figure it out. Also, the inspection forces the techs to write up jobs that they normally would not have, such as oil leaks, or other jobs they don't like to do or are not sure about.

Daris DeGroot | D’s Auto & Truck Repair

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