Results-driven marketing ignites excited customers at VISION to ask, ‘How soon can we upgrade?!

Stop struggling with failing systems, unreliable products and low-value customers.

Talk about synergy! At the recent VISION Hi-Tech and Training Expo March 4-5, happy customers from the Shop4D® and Automated Marketing Group (AMG) family, shared their personal experiences and success stories.

They shared the record-breaking transformations their businesses and teams experienced with average ticket order, quality customers, community image and annual revenue goals.

Joe Piccolo, Supreme Muffler and Brake, traveled from Utah to share how after more than five decades in business, he had tolerated a lot of mediocre products and results until AMG and Shop4D.

Said Joe, “We have been in the automotive repair business for 53+ years. Nothing has worked better for us than AMG. We’ve been able to grow our average ticket substantially, and the quality and value of our customer base, along with our community image, has never been better.”

Daris DeGroot, D’s Auto & Truck Repair, traveled from Michigan to share how AMG has helped him build a strong base of quality customers who value the service, care, attention, and recommendations his shop provides.

“Automated Marketing Group helps us attract the right customers who want to take care of their vehicles. These customers want to maintain their vehicles, listen to our advice, and tell their friends about us. Our shop is growing and busy!”

Daris appreciates how the AMG product pairs with Shop4D for outstanding results. “Shop4D will help achieve your goals! Trust me in that. I beat my goal in 2021 and will smash records in 2022! This is by far the best asset we have in our shop!

Another Shop 4D fan, John Polonchak, John Chak’s Automotive, traveled from Texas to share how much his customers love the high-quality service experience the product creates for his shop.

“We’re having customers tell us every day how professional Shop4D is with its inspection links, pictures, and videos,” he said.

Also from Michigan, Kenny Walters, Kenny’s Lakes Area Auto Experts, appreciates how AMG helps build trust with customers.

“Automated Marketing Group helps grow my business by consistently bringing in quality and loyal customers that are ready to buy and return year after year! These customers trust us and are the reason our average repair order has risen each of the past four years!”

Along with training classes, Shop4D and AMG sponsored the Saturday luncheon for all VISION attendees. Luncheon guests and booth visitors enjoyed a compelling new video unveiled at the show. It featured numerous cases about the impact quality marketing and results-driven shop management systems have on shops all across the country – whether a single location facility in a small market or a larger operation in a metropolitan area.

Along with his great results, Daris appreciates the training support both products provide, which makes them a standout in the market.

“Shop4D is a partnership with a great team. Between the weekly live training and the help from tech support, you will quickly find the team at Shop4D is there to help,” he said.

David Rogers, president of Shop4D, summarized it best when he said, “There’s a reason vendors at the show don’t show off the results from their clients. But we’re not like other companies. We care about one thing … your results!”