Why a High-Quality Repair Estimate Software Is Important

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the automotive industry will need to increase the rate of new automotive technicians by 7% through 2024. Your repair estimate software is a piece of the puzzle that will tell you how much your customers will expect to pay for the services that you offer. Using a high-quality repair estimate software is crucial to the success of your business. Keep reading to find out why.

Quick and Easy Estimates

Your customers will appreciate that you can give them an accurate and verifiable estimate – sometimes before they even leave your shop. Our software can perform accurate estimates based on your specialists and the parts on hand. For you, the repair estimate software will help improve your business efficiency and get insight into opportunities for improvement for your business and areas of strength you can market to your customers.

Accuracy and Speed Are Important

Your growth in new customers is dependent now more than ever on word of mouth. In the 20th century, new customers could come into a business based solely on your advertisements. Now, your company depends heavily on reviews, and reviews begin with having accurate estimates with no delays. Your customers don’t care about computer errors. They want accuracy. Our software is designed to be accurate and swift with your estimates, improving your customers’ confidence in your company.

Quick Invoicing

Another place where the accuracy of repair estimate software is crucial is in quickly and accurately invoicing a customer. Since the customer’s data is in the same system from beginning to end, the estimating software doesn’t give you any opportunities to introduce errors because you miskeyed a value from your handwritten entry into your point-of-sale software. With growing confidence on the part of your customers and your improvement in the software, you will quickly see your car count growing.

Having high-quality repair estimate software allows you to provide customers with a greater service with less time and effort on their part than they ever experienced before. It will help you reach out to your customers with greater ease and provide them, and yourself, with a level of respect not often associated with auto-repair shops. If these advantages sound like they’re going to help your business, contact our team at Shop4D today!