4 Signs That Your Technicians Are Feeling Burnt Out

Have your auto repair shop employees been working extremely hard? Perhaps you’ve been taking on more business and can’t give your technicians enough time off. Your team could be feeling burnt out. Here are four signs that indicate it might be time to look into something to help your shop run more efficiently.

1. High Turnover Rate

Has your shop been going through a higher level of turnover than normal? Well, according to MIT Sloan Management Review, 40% to 63% of all turnovers are caused by stress, which accounts for about seven to 11 employees a year. If you’ve been seeing a large number of mechanics coming and going in your shop, it may be time to do something to minimize stress and anxiety.

2. Employee Disengagement

Keeping your mechanics engaged is critical to keep them excited about coming to work regularly and providing great work. However, if you notice that your team is losing focus and doesn’t enjoy doing their job because their workload is too much to handle, there’s a good chance they’re burned out. This can lead to losing employees which can end with your business losing money.

3. Drop in Work Quality

Have your customers been complaining about a slip in your workers’ quality lately? This problem might cause issues with retaining customers and could be a result of burnout. After all, some mechanics may work for 10 to 12 hours a day to get a repair right. If your skilled employees are struggling, it could have something to do with how your current shop system runs.

4. Unhappy Work Environment

When working on your repair projects, pay attention to how your employees act in the workplace. Unhappy or negative employees can be a direct result of them feeling overwhelmed. Maybe they’ve been working too hard on repairs and don’t have a great work-life balance.

These were four major signs that your technicians could be feeling overworked and burnt out. Letting this go on will only hurt your business in the long run. The good news is that you can do something about it. What you need is to find good repair shop software for your shop. At Shop4D, we offer shop software specifically designed to help make technicians more efficient so they can spend less time doing busy work and more time on tasks that can make the company grow. Contact us today to learn more!