Shop Profile – Veenstra’s Garage, Grand Rapids, MI

Mike Veenstra ditched stale marketing techniques and began targeting higher-quality customers – it worked. For Mike Veenstra, the search is on for location number three. But for the lifelong Grand Rapids, MI, resident and third-generation repair shop owner, the path to owning multiple locations has been a winding one. Mike started in the automotive industry … Read more


Top shops understand what numbers they can control, and they measure them daily. Stack the deck in your favor. by David Rogers The deck is stacked against repair shop owners right now. Consider the cards we’re currently holding: First, we were dealt the technician shortage. Then we got the global supply chain issues that made … Read more

Positive Change: John Chak’s Automotive Sees 128% Sales Growth in 9 Months After Switching to Shop4D

John Polonchak was struggling. In his busy, thriving shop in Denison, Texas, John and his team were having trouble getting work through the shop. Sourcing parts and building estimates were taking far too long — essential functions for any facility. Then he received a call from Shop4D that changed the trajectory of his shop. They … Read more


Creating a lasting, sustainable shop starts and ends with the management triangle of the customer, employee, and shop by David Rogers As published in Motor Age Much has been said and written about the technician shortage — why techs are leaving the automotive industry, how to stop the bleeding, and the best way to retain … Read more

Scaling Smartly in 2022

by David Rogers As published on Record growth throughout the automotive industry in 2021 created an unexpected need and an interesting opportunity for many repair organizations: they hit their bay and technician production capacity, and the only way to keep growing is to add another location. No matter how many locations your operation spans … Read more

Focused Resolutions

by David Rogers     Let’s talk resolutions. We’re faced with the same choice each January: will this brand-new year be different – better even – than the one we just left? In some ways it’s inescapable. I saw the first “New Year’s Resolution” commercials for losing weight and quitting smoking before Thanksgiving this year. … Read more