From Almost Quitting, to Experiencing Its Biggest Fourth Quarter in History, Farmington Service & Towing Keeps Building on Its Growth Through Auto Profit Masters

Last September, Joshua Wahlstrom, owner of Farmington Service & Towing in Farmington, Utah, wanted to quit. The shop had experienced a lot of comebacks, Wahlstrom was overworked, juggling many different hats in the shop, and he felt as deflated as a flat tire. He wasn’t ready to walk away yet, though. Instead, he reached out … Read more

Build A Winning Culture By Allowing Failure

by David Rogers If we accept that the technician shortage is here to stay, what comes next? I’ve used these pages to talk about technician compensation and how top techs deserve the chance to earn compensation on par with their professionalism and dedication. I’ve also talked about tools that create more efficiency and productivity, and … Read more

Here’s What to Look for in Repair Shop Software

In 2019, the global software market was valued at $18.5 billion dollars, and that is expected to grow to $43.5 billion by the year 2027, according to Allied Market Research. Nearly every type of business can benefit from some type of software, including auto repair shops. Repair shop software is designed for auto repair businesses … Read more

4 Things Your Auto Repair Shop Needs to Run Smoothly

software for auto repair shop

There are a few things that every auto repair shop needs to ensure optimum operation, like focused software for auto repair shop management. Software for auto repair shop management is essential because it can manage inventory, scheduling, billing, and more. While this software is essential, it is not the only thing you will need. Here … Read more