By David Rogers As published in AutoLink Magazine For top operators, the warm summer months usually mean a golden opportunity for growing the shop. That’s because they know two critical facts that allow them to grow in good times and bad. First, those top operators know that during busy summer months, much of their competition … Read more

What Is Causing Your Workers More Stress in The Workplace?

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The demands of work impact everyone differently. The pressure can motivate some, but paralyze others. Stress is not always a bad thing. A certain degree of anxiousness and pressure is part of any job. It can help stimulate job performance and keep workers alert as they work toward deadlines or prepare for presentations. But there … Read more

The Two Biggest Lies You’re Telling Yourself

By David Rogers As published in Shop Owner Magazine Lying to yourself is a terrible way to run your business. It leads to bad decisions, missed opportunities, and the painful death of the shop…sometimes mercifully quick, sometimes excruciatingly slow. Two lies, in particular, are dark, dirty, and destructive. These two lies prevent good operators from … Read more

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working As Well As You Think

by David Rogers | published in Shop Owner Magazine Don’t just eliminate low-quality customers, but maximize the valuable customers being driven by advertising efforts. Are all customers good customers? I’m not talking about the obvious horror stories, of course. We’ve all run into a buzzsaw of a customer on their worst day. But if we … Read more

Three Ways Auto Repair Shops Can Help Manage Employee Stress

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According to recent surveys, the U.S. average turnover rate in the workforce is 18%. This is higher than it should be, which negatively affects the bottom line for many businesses. One of the best ways to reduce turnover rate and improve employee retention is by managing employee stress. Here are three ways for independent auto … Read more

Results-driven marketing ignites excited customers at VISION to ask, ‘How soon can we upgrade?!

Stop struggling with failing systems, unreliable products and low-value customers. Talk about synergy! At the recent VISION Hi-Tech and Training Expo March 4-5, happy customers from the Shop4D® and Automated Marketing Group (AMG) family, shared their personal experiences and success stories. They shared the record-breaking transformations their businesses and teams experienced with average ticket order, … Read more

Work faster, not harder… with technology

By David Rogers As published in Motor Age Magazine Despite unprecedented access to tools, training, systems, processes, and help, there’s no efficiency revolution taking place in the auto repair industry. Before making the investment, begin by refining processes. These are incredible times to be a shop owner. Techs have never had more information closer at … Read more

Scaling Smartly in 2022

by David Rogers As published on MOTOR.com Record growth throughout the automotive industry in 2021 created an unexpected need and an interesting opportunity for many repair organizations: they hit their bay and technician production capacity, and the only way to keep growing is to add another location. No matter how many locations your operation spans … Read more

Surviving The Apocalypse: Growing Your Shop During The Technician Shortage

by David Rogers As published in AutoLink Magazine There is no more dire problem that we face in the automotive industry than the technician shortage. That’s a big way to open, especially given the current landscape. Inflation is eating profits, supply chain issues are slowing production, and municipal lock downs continue to threaten our ability … Read more