Seamless integration of plate-to-VIN and vehicle history part of unparalleled focus on efficiency

LITTLETON, COLO. – July 7, 2021 – Continuing the mission to make repair shops and shop employees as efficient and productive as possible, Auto Profit Masters’ Shop4D® has partnered with CARFAX to offer users free access to CARFAX’s QuickVIN tool – an instant plate-to-VIN lookup and Service History Check – where service advisors and technicians can access a complete vehicle history including repairs and recalls.

Shop4D released the new time-saving features early June and saw immediate adoption by shops from coast-to-coast to help create even more efficiencies for service advisors and technicians.

“Now that Shop4D has added CARFAX, it is going to give us one more reason to celebrate and make us even more efficient,” said Debbie Pepping, owner of Alpine Auto Repair in Lakewood, Colorado. “Shop4D is the best thing to happen to our business — we are up another 30% this year! Our shop numbers and average repair orders keep growing and have never been better. We owe so much of our success to the Shop4D family!”

Shop4D users can register for CARFAX QuickVIN and Service History Check with a single click, and get integrated license plate-to-VIN functionality almost instantaneously. With seamless plate-to-VIN lookups built into the Shop4D’s appointment calendar, tech scheduler, vehicle check-in vehicle creation tools, Shop4D users always have access to these time-saving tools right when they’re needed.

“We’re excited to partner with CARFAX,” said David Rogers, president of Shop4D. “We already know that shops switching to Shop4D improve efficiency enough to bill an average additional half an hour per vehicle. By adding CARFAX’s time-saving tools, that efficiency will only increase. We can’t wait to see the results!”

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About Shop4D
Shop4D® is a technology company established in 2018 by the founders of Auto Profit Masters, creators of the industry’s leading rapid profit management tool, the RPM ToolKit®. Shop4D launched the industry’s first system for proactively managing repairs, customers, marketing, profits and employees all in one system. Incorporating and extending the RPM ToolKit, Shop4D maximizes the time of owners, managers, technicians and service writers by learning from every repair and installation by every user on the program to find the smartest and most efficient way run the shop. As a repair shop training and business partner since 1999, Shop4D’s passionate founders and team are dedicated to fixing the shop so owners can surpass their goals easier than they ever thought possible. For more information, visit