How Car Shop Software Can Boost Productivity

car shop software

As computers become an increasingly important part of our business and personal lives, it’s important to use the right tools to get the most out of your shop. According to the American Institute of Stress, about 20 percent of employees spend five hours on the clock thinking about their stress each week. Using the right … Read more

Fight Back! Stop Accepting Less Than The Best!

By David Rogers How do you fix cars when you can’t get parts? I wish this was just a philosophical question, the kind usually reserved for falling trees in the woods or single hands clapping, but instead, it’s the reality that shop owners continue to face. When the supply chain is disrupted from manufacturing to … Read more

Creating Success with Less Sacrifice

Empower your team to make positive changes to reach the goals you’ve set. Rising operating costs and technician shortages are the norm, and it’s harder than ever to hire the help you need. So how are shop owners supposed to find the time to grow the shop? After all, there is only so much of you … Read more

Establish Successful Habits To Boost Business

Take Back Control

Learn how to break bad habits and establish successful ones to help your business thrive. by David Rogers The last two years have produced some incredible stories. I’ve watched up close as some shops tripled their revenue and outgrew their single location, and others that are hunting for their fifth, sixth, seventh. I’ve also seen … Read more


Hiring specialists to manage any area of the production pipeline inevitably leads to restricting it, creating unnecessary costs, and stalling growth. by David Rogers Is the pipeline to your shop flowing? This production pipeline is what carries customers, vehicles, repair orders, and money into your shop. Keeping this pipeline wide open and flowing is critical … Read more

Work faster, not harder… with technology

By David Rogers As published in Motor Age Magazine Despite unprecedented access to tools, training, systems, processes, and help, there’s no efficiency revolution taking place in the auto repair industry. Before making the investment, begin by refining processes. These are incredible times to be a shop owner. Techs have never had more information closer at … Read more